We are back (finally)

Sometime last week my web hosting company installed an update on the computer that was running this site, that update had the unfortunate side effect of making this blog stop working.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to get the blog working again and finally I’ve decided to just move the blog to another server (using different technology and hosted by a different company).

Now the blog is finally working on the new server and within 24 hours or so everyone in the world should be redirected to the new server.

I’m very sorry for the downtime, the promised post about silhouettes is already written and will be posted in a day or two (just so I can make sure the server move was completed successfully) and if you are on a smartphone you may have noticed that jus before the blog went down I’ve made some changes to the blog’s theme to make it work better on small devices.

New blog – new beginning

A few month back I’ve got a new DSLR – and with this new camera came a renewed interest in photography.

After spending a lot of time on-line reading everything I can about the subject I’ve decided to open this blog.

I’m going to use this blog to improve my own photography by explaining various tips and techniques (teaching is supposed to be the best way to learn) – and I hope other people will also find it useful.

The blog name is “Useful Photo Tips” so I’m going to keep the post focused on useful tips and techniques, I’m going to skim the (very important) theory behind whatever I’m explaining and focus on how to actually make it work – with lots and lots of examples.

This should be fun.