My Gear

This page lists my photography gear – with my buying recommendation on every item, as well as gear I intend to buy in the future.

This page has links to Amazon for every item in the list, if you buy anything using those links you will enjoy Amazon’s low prices and I’ll get a little bit of money (you won’t pay anything extra), the money I get here will be used to pay the mortgage, feed my children and of course keep this site running.

Canon 550D (Rebel T2i, KISS3)

This is one of Canon’s entry level cameras and it’s a totally awesome camera. The complete superiority of even a low-end DSLR over point and shoot cameras is hard to ignore.

I’m extremely happy with this camera, this is without a doubt the best camera I’ve ever owned, I highly recommend this camera – but this camera is not so special, all the DSLR cameras from the major photography bands are wonderful (here’s a list of DSLR cameras on amazon).

Also, Canon has released an updated version of this camera – so check out the Canon 600D (Rebel T3i, KISS4).

Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

This is the lens I got instead of the kit lens, it’s an extremely versatile lens and the lens you are most likely to find on my camera.

The 18-135mm zoom range covers just about everything I need in day to day shooting (I mainly photograph my kids and my family – as well as anything interesting I happen to see around me) I do want to go wider or longer sometimes – but those are specialty cases.

While you can get a better picture from prime lenses or very expensive zoom lenses this lens is still extremely sharp and produces great pictures – highly recommended.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

This is the cheapest, smallest and lightest lens Canon makes – and still a wonderful lens that’s extremely sharp even wide open.

I highly recommend this lens as an introduction to the world of fast prime lenses – it’s not only a fast prime lens but it’s also the cheapest way to know if you like them or not.

The only bad thing I have to say about this lens is that the focus motor is slow – so it’s hard to focus on fast moving subjects (like small children), especially in the shallow depth of field you get when shooting wide open (you will need to learn to pre-focus).

Also note this is a cheap lens, the body is made entirely of plastic the construction is not as good as more expensive lens, the optical quality is outstanding but don’t expect this lens to last a lifetime.

YN-465 Flash (for Canon)

The cheapest flash that supports Canon E-TTL2.

A great flash with a great price, the TTL funtion works flawlessly and you get the right flash power on every shot.

while it is not as good as the Canon 430EX II this is a great flash and I highly recommend it.

It works great with the Canon EOS 550D/T2i but not with all cameras, please check competability with your camera before buying (here’s a link to the Nikon version).

Cheap tripod

This is one purchase I’m not happy with, this tripod, while rated for my camera’s weight, is not really sturdy enough to hold it.

It does serve me well when I keep the center column down and it was cheap – so, considering I don’t use a tripod much it may still be a good purchase, also, it’s very small and light when folded.

I may change my mind in the future but for now I recommend you get a better tripod, here’s a list of tripods on Amazon

Westcott 750 Lightstand

If you want to get the flash off-camera (and you should) you need something to hold it – and if you can find an assistant that will hold your flash for you than you better get a lightstand.

This is a cheap basic lightstand and it actually rather nice, recommended.

Hotshoe/unmbrella holder

A lightstand actually can’t hold a hotshoe flash, you need this thingy that connects to the top of the lightstand and holds the flash and unmrella.

This specific umbrella holder has a little problem, it has a spring that locks the umbrella into place (good) but it tend to push the umbrella into a wrong angle (bad) – you may want to get a better umbrella holder but for it’s price this one works just fine.

White shoot-through umbrella

And the last part of the basic off-camera flash set – a white shoot-through umbrella

Here’s a list of white photograpic umbrellas on Amazon